Cancer Research UK launches legacies campaign

Campaign to boost legacy giving to Cancer Research UK involves social media, digital and TV advertising.

Joe Lepper | 18th Feb 19
Image shows a flower on a grave

Cancer Research UK has launched a campaign across social media and TV to encourage people to leave the charity a gift in their will.

This is the first advertising campaign for legacies by the charity for three years and aims to increase awareness of the importance of legacies to the work of the charity.

Gifts in wills fund around a third of the charity’s work to prevent, diagnose and teat cancer.

A campaign video released across social media, including Youtube, features a raft of people who are leaving money to the charity in their will. The charity’s workers involved in support and research and those who have survived cancer are also featured.

Pledging to fight cancer

“By showing people coming together to make a pledge to beat cancer for future generations, we are hoping to create a collective movement towards a future where no one has to fear cancer,” said Claire Pilcher, Cancer Research UK’s Head of Legacy Supporter Engagement.

“The advert features real people who are making an invaluable contribution to the cause. They are completely unscripted, and the words used in the adverts are their own. We hope to show through this that leaving a gift in your will to Cancer.”

“Research UK is a powerful legacy that we can all leave, that will benefit every generation to come.”

Laura Rooney, Cancer Research UK Senior Research and Information Nurse, who features in the video, said: “I pledge to never stop carrying out research whilst people are suffering. The funding we receive from gifts in wills to Cancer Research UK is essential to continue providing new treatment options and hope to millions of cancer patients worldwide.”