Hospital charity launches virtual reality tour

The virtual reality video has been made available to show the importance of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity’s fundraising.

Joe Lepper | 15th Feb 19

A hospital charity has launched a virtual reality video tour to show the impact its fundraising has on improving support for patients.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity) has made the virtual reality video tour available on Youtube to give the public a more immersive look at the hospital.

Featured in the video, which has been made by creative agency REWIND and is narrated by the charity’s Chief Executive Mat Shaw, are specific facilities that have received funding from the charity, including its chapel as well as play and sensory rooms.

“Various teams at the charity identified virtual reality as a useful tool that would help us to engage with existing supporters, as well as reaching out to potential fundraisers,” said Mark Mackenzie-Ray, Digital Content Manager at GOSH Charity.

“The virtual reality experience will provide individuals and organisations from across the UK with the unique opportunity to explore the hospital as an immersive experience without having to physically be there and see how their support could help GOSH Charity give children who are treated at GOSH the best chance for life.”

Surgical theatre included on VR tour

Also featured in the video is a patient learning about medical procedures from a play specialist using a cuddly toy. There is also an MRI scanner, a research lab and a surgical theatre just as an operation is taking place.

The tour ends with a visit to meet renal and cardiac patients who talk about their care.