Instagram to launch donation feature

Charities are set to benefit from the introduction of a donation feature on Instagram stories.

Joe Lepper | 13th Feb 19

Facebook has announced plans to make it easier for users of its Instagram platform to donate.

At a Facebook Communities Summit held in the US this month Facebook revealed a raft of product updates aimed at supporting its online communities.

This includes the creation later this year of a donation feature on Instagram stories.

In a statement Facebook, which bought the Instagram photo sharing platform in 2012, said: “Last November, we announced that people raised over $1 billion for nonprofit organisations through Charitable Giving on Facebook.

“Later this year, Instagram will bring the ability for people to support nonprofits that are important to them through a donation sticker in Instagram Stories.”

Mentoring also being promoted

Other changes announced include promoting mentoring within Facebook groups. This will be rolled out globally this year starting with groups based in the US and South America.

In addition, page administrators will now be able to respond to Instagram direct messages from their Facebook page inbox.

Also new post formatting tools will be launched aimed at making it easier for Facebook group administrators to manage activity. This includes informing a member when they violate a rule, filtering by date range in activity logs and searching membership requests by name.

Facebook will also pilot a programme to let groups and brands collaborate by allowing pages to join their communities.


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