Text donation in the UK – infographic

We explore why charity donations by SMS on the rise, who’s giving this way and how charities can enable their supporters to give quickly and conveniently by text.

Chloe Green | 12th Feb 19
Image shows a person donating by text

It’s an interesting time for the text donation industry. In November last year, JustGiving announced it was shutting down its text giving platform JustTextGiving, citing ‘changes in consumer behaviour and new technologies.’

Just days later, a new service, Donr, came along offering charities a feature-rich and customised approach to SMS giving, with the ability to set up regular giving and a maximum amount of £20 per text.

Despite the proliferation of new instant messaging services and apps into the mobile world, donations by text message are expected to rise by 34% in the next year, according to the annual market review by the Phone-paid services authorities.

In the age of online giving, donating by text can still be the most fast and convenient way to support a charity, particularly during an event or as part of a poster campaign. This is because donors don’t need to enter any card details or login as the money is sent through their phone provider.


In our infographic, we give the low-down on text giving in the UK – click the image below to view.


Want to start taking donations by text? Check out Donr – a new text donation service that allows supporters to give up to £20 using a keyword of their choice, and there is no set up or monthly fee.