Positive social media campaign launches

For the second year running the charity sector is taking part in a campaign to tackle online negativity and promote stories of inspiration.

Joe Lepper | 12th Feb 19
Image shows a mobile phone with smiley face on the screen

A viral campaign by a number of well-known charities has launched calling for more positive content on social media.

This is the second year the “reclaim social media for good” has been staged and involves charities, the public and oranganisations calling for inspiring and positive stories to be shared on social media.

The campaign, which launched this month, is spearheaded by tech for good firm Lightful and includes the World Wildlife Fund, Samaritans, Macmillan Cancer, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the Big Give and Giving Tuesday sharing stories of hope, positivity and impact.

Those taking part in reclaim social media for good are urged to use #ReclaimSocial on social media.

“It has been inspiring to see thousands of charities, social enterprises and everyday people engaging on #ReclaimSocial,” said Vinay Nair, Lightful Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.

“It is an incredible feeling to have such positivity rolling through our social media feeds. It makes us realise that we can, and must, re-establish this as the norm.”

Celebrity involvement

Celebrities and social influencers are also taking part, including the actor Rob Delaney, whose two-year-old son, Harry, died from cancer last year.

Nair added: “We have also been humbled to see people like Rob Delaney amplifying messages from causes important to them, such as Child Bereavement UK. Charities and social enterprises have some of the best stories to tell, and today is demonstrating that there is a real craving to push away negative and nefarious messages, and make it a time to #ReclaimSocial – for good.”

Among those in the charity sector to welcome the campaign is Charity Digital Chief Executive Jonathan Chevallier.

He said: “As the charity focused on helping the social sector to increase its impact through the use of digital technology we’re delighted to support #ReclaimSocial.”

“This is a real opportunity to focus on all the good can be achieved through social media and dispel the negativity which can sometimes dominate.”


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