Online push to promote autistic pop group

The charity Prior’s Court is using social media to help promote a song recorded by a group of young people with autism.

Joe Lepper | 8th Feb 19

An online campaign has got underway to promote a group of autistic young people’s bid to be pop stars.

The group of eight young people, who are supported by autism charity Prior’s Court, recorded their own song, Let Me Shine, at London’s Abbey Road studios.

The song is being made available by Prior’s Court to download via the main music download sites including iTunes, Spotify and Deexer.

In addition, a documentary video is being promoted online detailing the making of the song.

“The young people at Prior’s Court all have severe autism and complex learning difficulties – as well as an average of another four diagnosable conditions and 80% of them are non-verbal,” said a Prior’s Court Spokeswoman.

“This means that everyday tasks and activities which we take for granted can be really tough for them. Sensory differences, anxieties, and difficulty communicating can lead to challenging behaviours and crisis situations.

“But that shouldn’t mean that they can’t lead fulfilling lives, have dreams, and achieve extraordinary things because it might be too difficult. At Prior’s Court, we believe we can help these young people to have a voice. Help them to follow their interests, and achieve things which their families may have once considered impossible.

Documentary to raise awareness

She added: “We hope this emotive documentary film and the case studies within it will help to raise awareness of the extreme challenges faced by the families of young people with autism – but also to highlight the extraordinary potential they have when given the right support and opportunities.”

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