Nearly half of donors forget the charity they last supported

A report from Charity Checkout shows the importance of branding to online fundraising success, as donors struggle to remember charities they supported when they last sponsored a friend online.

Chloe Green | 7th Feb 19
Image shows a person with string tied around their finger as a reminder. Donors often forget the charity they supported when giving through unbranded charity websites

A recent report from fundraising technology provider, Charity Checkout shows how branding is crucial to fundraising success as 46% said they could not remember the charity they supported when they last sponsored a friend online.

Charity Checkout commissioned independent research company Maru/Usurv to conduct a survey of 1000 members of the public on their attitudes towards online giving.

The report explores how donors will normally remember that they supported their friend and will often remember the website that they used to donate, while unfortunately the charity itself is regularly forgotten.

It highlights that supporters can learn more about a charity’s work and can feel more connected to and even inspired by a cause when they are surrounded by the charity’s branding and messaging on its own website.

49% would give more generously via a charity's own website

The value of branding

Charity Checkout’s research also shows that only 19% of respondents are likely to donate to the same cause/charity again if they used a third-party website. Conversely, 49% of respondents are more likely to donate again after donating via a charity’s own website.

Charities constantly invest in refining their message and developing the brand to drive stronger engagement with their supporters, yet when it comes to online fundraising, nearly half of donors struggle to recall the brand, messaging and even cause they are supporting. In fact, 48% of respondents to the survey felt that having to join a third-party fundraising website would put them off donating to the charity completely.

Pairing this research with the Online Giving Study that revealed branded donation pages raise 38% more money over time than linked third-party website emphasises the value of branding in online fundraising.

The report suggests it’s no secret that a good user journey is key to succeeding in any avenue of digital marketing, being redirected to a separate website to make a payment is detrimental to any user journey, be it eCommerce or online giving.

A charity’s brand identity must inspire trust and transparency, and a visitor to the charity’s website should be able to find out where their donations go and the impact it will have. Sending would-be donors to an unbranded third-party fundraising website takes them away from this carefully constructed ecosystem.

The Charity Checkout report goes on to explain how charities can build trust and become the first name to enter a person’s mind when they think of the cause that the charity supports.

To learn more about how to more effectively present your charity’s brand online, download the full report on the future of online giving