Website with info on 8,000 funding sources launches

The Funds Online website brings together information from a variety of funding sources, across trusts, government and companies.

Joe Lepper | 6th Feb 19
Image shows a woman handing over a pile of coins, representing funding

The Directory of Social Change has created a website offering charities information on £8bn worth of funding opportunities from more than 8,000 funders.

Funds Online has been created by DSC to offer a comprehensive guide to funding opportunities across local and central government, Europe, companies and charitable trusts.

This sees it bring together information from four of its funding websites:,, and

Single source of information

Tom Traynor, DSC Head of Research said: “It brings all of the information from those resources together on one single platform.”

“We have been working on this development for some time with a singular focus on the user experience and making sure our customers get the right information in an accessible way.”

“We’ve focused on strong design but also on features and functionality that will make it easier to find funders that can potentially support your organisation or cause. That can make it easier for you to organise and plan your fundraising activities.”

The website includes a search function with a focus on ensuring criteria meets users specific needs and is more intuitive. It is also designed to be accessed from mobile devices.

“There is also a grant management tool where users can keep a record of their grant successes and funding applications, keep a record of who they’ve applied to, for how much, as well as being able to upload documents such as applications and guidelines, applications forms, funding proposals and so on,” added Traynor.

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