Charity nets pro-bono support for branding revamp

Improving social media promotion is among activities creative agencies Aire and Powerhouse are to carry out for free for Leeds based St George’s Crypt.

Joe Lepper | 6th Feb 19
Image shows homeless person recieving food from a homelessness charity

A homelessness charity is to receive free support from two creative agencies as it looks to overhaul its brand presence and improve its social media and digital communications.

St George’s Crypt, which supports homeless people in Leeds, is looking to strengthen its branding as it looks to expand its range of accommodation and develop its support around health and wellbeing.

Agencies Aire and Powerhouse have both selected St George’s Crypt as their charity of the year in 2019 and are gifting their support to help promote its services and change public perceptions of homelessness.

Aire is to develop design content that can be used across a range of social media platforms and advertising activities.

Meanwhile, Powerhouse is producing creative photography and video assets to help the charity create its own content for fundraising activities this year.

Helping fundraising activity

“St George’s Crypt is much more than a soup kitchen. Of course, we supply hot food and a warm bed at night, but we also re-house 1,500 people a year, provide health services, offer engagement activities, and deliver training and employment opportunities,” said the charity’s Project Manager Andrew Omond.

“Sadly, homelessness is on the rise, so we have to continually improve and invest in these services; which are a vital safety net for those people who have hit hard times.

“But the perception surrounding homelessness needs to change, in order to develop donations for what we do. We have plenty of brilliant, feel-good stories to share – including positive client journeys, volunteers who’ve been with us for years, as well as the charitable nature of our wonderful city.

“So, the support of Aire and Powerhouse will help us to communicate these in an interesting, thought-provoking manner, which moves people towards taking action.”

Initial branding work by the agencies for the homelessness charity will be revealed in April.

Long-term marketing potential

Powerhouse Managing Director Neil Adams said: “Essentially, the premise behind what we’re creating is that everything is versatile and adaptable for The Crypt to use in their own way, however and whenever they want.

“By giving them the tools they need to bring their content together, rather than supplying prescribed, fixed content, this will have a longer lasting impact as the charity continue to market themselves effectively, beyond our 12 month partnership.”

Aire Marketing Executive Brogan Harker added: “Anybody living or working in Leeds will know that the number of homeless people in the area has significantly increased over the past couple of years. We see this ever-growing problem every day, it’s literally on our doorstep. We wanted to step up and do something about it; so, we’re looking forward to making a difference over our ensuing partnership.”

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