Quick guide to the Charity Digital Code of Practice released

Trillium’s new abbreviated guide to the Charity Digital Code of Practice presents practical steps in a way that is quick and easy for charities to action and share.

Chloe Green | 5th Feb 19
Image shows a compass

Charity digital agency Trillium have released a free digestible guide to the Charity Digital Code of Practice, one of the most significant publications for charities around digital to date.

The Charity Digital Code of Practice was released in November by a steering group of organisations from across the sector, and explains seven guiding principles to be considered by charities wanting to develop their digital strategy.

The Code itself is a 5,000 word document including an in-depth explanation of how charities can apply each principle, and a hub of further resources.

Trillium’s new guide, which is free for charities to download, offers charities an easy-to-digest summary of the Code.

Charities can learn key steps to take around each principle, with straightforward, actionable advice that is easy to absorb and share among organisations and their trustees.

The guide also includes a summary of the most important further reading and key links.

Digital experts Trillium deliver digital transformation to non-profit organisations through strategy, technology and transforming digital user experience. They have improved engagement and retention for a wide range of UK Chartered Institutes and membership organisations.

Click here to download the free guide ‘A Digestible Guide to the Charity Digital Code of Practice’.





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