Wildlife charity to use personalised marketing tech

A wildlife charity is to use automated personalisation technology in its latest campaign to support the work of bees.

Joe Lepper | 4th Feb 19
Image shows bees in a hive

A wildlife charity is to use automated personalised marketing technology for a forthcoming campaign that aims to support the work of bees and other pollinaters in people’s gardens.

The ‘Get Dorset Buzzing’ campaign by Dorset Wildlife Trust launches on 15 February and aims to get more than 1,000 people in the county to help pollinators in their garden.

Digital agency RPM:React is working on the campaign and will use its personalised marketing technology across a number of communication channels to improve targeting of supporters,  based on criteria including membership status and gardening ability.

Tailored content

This includes using real time data and behavior to offer specific content for supporters.

Involved in the campaign will be events, videos, interactive activities and blogs, as well as discounts on pollinator-friendly plants.

“Using variable data such as membership status and gardening ability alongside monitoring an individual’s engagement with the campaign, Get Dorset Buzzing promises to be powerful and dynamic with experiences varying from participant to participant,” said RPM:React Marketing Executive Millie Earl.

“This intelligent personalisation is where organisations can set themselves apart by truly connecting with their audiences to increase engagement and create awareness, trust and loyalty.”

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