Free resource hub for charities launches

The wider charity and social enterprise sector are the target audience for the Charity Excellence Framework’s resource hub.

Joe Lepper | 4th Feb 19
Image shows toolset representing a toolkit of charity resources

A digital toolkit aimed at improving charity performance has launched a resource hub for the wider third sector.

The free to access Charity Excellence Framework, which is aimed primarily at charity trustees and managers, has created a resource hub that is available to anyone in the charity and social enterprise sector.

The hub has six sections and covers free funding finders, which signposts funding opportunities including donations platforms, as well as free goods and services for the sector, which includes consulting, mentoring as well as IT and data analytics.

A charity tax reliefs section is also included, which highlights how last year the char sector failed to claim £600m in Gift Aid.

Other areas are articles and videos on personal development, signposting help and support and an explanation of key charity terms.

Wider availability

Charity Excellence Framework Founder Ian McLintock said: “The Charity Excellence Framework has 3000+ resource links, but the web based digital toolkit is primarily aimed at trustees and management teams, so the Resource Hub has been created to make many of these available to everyone.

“The website now has hundreds of links to free resources for charities from across the web, indexed by subject area.

“These include 40+ free funding finders and donation platforms alone, with links to pro bono, free goods/services, organisations providing advice and guidance, toolkits, personal development resources, charity management terms explained in plain English and tax reliefs – last year, charities failed to claim £600m in Gift Aid alone.”

In August 2018 the Charity Excellence Framework launched a Diversity Excellence Standard for charities to use to measure how diverse their organisation is.

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