Free online evaluation tool for small charities launches

The Impactasaurus has been created to offer small and medium sized charities a simple, free way of measuring social impact.

Joe Lepper | 29th Jan 19
Image shows a ruler or tape measure against a yellow background

A free online evaluation tool specifically designed for small and medium sized charities has been launched.

The Impactasaurus aims to help charities measure and report on their impact and has been released after two years of development and trials involving 100 charities.

The tool has no user manuals and training to make it easier for smaller charities to use and instead uses a catalogue of questionnaires to select from.

Once completed, impact reports can be generated covering the whole organisation or specific areas of work, such as a single project, location or type of intervention.

Two years in development

“We set out to make it easier for small and medium sized charities to measure their social impact,” said Dan Reynolds, founder of Impactasaurus.

“After two years of development and trials, we believe Impactasaurus delivers on that promise, allowing anyone helping individuals to measure their impact.

“This has been possible thanks to the 100+ charities which trialed Impactasaurus, with their feedback, we have been able to build a tool which solves the problems smaller charities face.”

In developing the tool Impactasaurus found that some existing commercial evaluation tools were too expensive, only available through specific systems and too complicated for small and medium sized charities.

“So Impactasaurus was born with a simple vision: for all organisations, benefiting society, to understand their social impact,” states a blog post on the Impcatasaurus website.

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