Virgin Money Giving looks to attract MyDonate customers

Virgin Money Giving has waived its £150 sign up fee for a short period in a bid to attract charity customers of MyDonate, which is to close in June.

Joe Lepper | 22nd Jan 19
Image shows person with 'make a donate' sign and money

Virgin Money Giving has acted swiftly to attract customers of MyDonate, the BT-run online giving platform that is to close this summer.

For new charities that sign up to Virgin Money Giving from now until the end of April the online platform has pledged to waive the £150 sign up fee.

It has also issued a reminder that since last November donors have the option of paying its 2% platform fee instead of the charities.

The move follows BT’s announcement that it is to close down MyDonate at the end of June, after eight years of helping charities to fundraise. Increasing competition in the online fundraising platform market and a desire to switch community investment into promoting digital inclusion were among reasons cited.

£150 sign up fee waived

“We are delighted to give charities the opportunity to register with Virgin Money Giving free of charge and provide them with a great platform to help them raise more money for their good causes,” said Jo Barnett, Executive Director at Virgin Money Giving.

“Our business model has always been about helping charities and fundraisers raise as much money as possible for good causes.

“We have always believed that our not-for-profit model is sustainable and allows us to offer a service that is fair for charities, secure, well governed and technologically robust, while deploying our resources towards continued investment in our platform and improving our user experience.

“Anyone impacted by today’s announcement from BT MyDonate will need to consider their fundraising options and the fees and charges they are likely to pay in the future. Not all fundraising platforms are the same and we believe our model offers a viable, long-term, transparent solution for charities.”

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