Charity boss becomes Twitter star after mistaken identity

The boss of a children’s hospice becomes a social media star after being mistaken on national TV as the new manager of Huddersfield Town FC.

Joe Lepper | 22nd Jan 19
Image shows Martin Warhurst, Chief Executive of Martin House hospice and Jan Siewart, new head coach of Huddersfield Town FC

Huddersfield Town FC  has helped raise the profile of a children’s hospice on social media after its boss was mistakenly identified as their new manager on national TV.

Martin Warhurst, Chief Executive of Martin House hospice was a match day guest of the Premier League club during their home encounter with Manchester City on Sunday.

During the match a Sky Sports reporter mistook the charity boss for Jan Siewart, the former Borussia Dortmund reserve team coach linked with Huddersfield’s vacant managerial role.

When the reporter approached him asking if he was about to become the new head coach at the Premier League side Warhurst replied “No, that’s not me. I’m Martin from Wakefield”.

Huddersfield Town helps boost charity profile

On Monday when Huddersfield formerly announced Siewart as their new head coach they released a video with the hashtag #NotMartinFromWakefield. This shows Warhurst sitting behind the head coach’s desk at the club but being told to leave by Siewart.

The tongue-in-cheek video has been shared more than 6,000 times on Twitter, with follow up tweets made by the club praising the work of the hospice.

Martin House Hospice says that it has been “blown away from the support we’ve received over the past 24 hours”,  due to Huddersfield Town’s #NotMartinFromWakefield campaign.

In a tweet published today the hospice also thanks those who have donated to the charity after seeing the video and has posted further details of how to give money.

High profile Twitter accounts to share the Huddersfield Town video include football pundit and former Manchester United player Gary Neville, the Match of the Day team and Manchester City.

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