Battersea doubles online donations during platform test

The split test saw the animal charity compare WPN’s Chameleon’s goDonate against its existing platform.

Joe Lepper | 18th Jan 19

Animal charity Battersea has doubled its online donation income during a three-week trial.

The trial took place just before Christmas last year and saw the charity carry out a split test, pitting WPN Chameleon’s online giving platform goDonate against its previous platform.

This found that goDonate, which is developed by WPN Chameleon’s digital product studio called Addition, generated 63% more transactions than the old platform and garnered 35% more income.

Additionally there was an increase in the number of people starting and completing a donation, analysis of the trial has found.

Features of goDonate include allowing the charity to create campaign specific donation journeys, with campaign messaging used throughout. It also has flexible fields and calls to action showing different donation amounts.

Those using the platform to donate can be directed straight from online advertising and emails.

Following the success of the trial Battersea is using goDonate to manage monthly donatons for its Sponsor a Kennel campaign. This enables the charity to send supporters follow up emails featuring updates about the kennel or cat cabin they are sponsoring.

Encouraging results

“We are really pleased to have launched the new platform and receive such encouraging initial results,” said Battersea’s Head of Digital Lauren Rayner.

Vicky Reeves, at WPN Chameleon Managing Director Digital Vicky Reeves added: “Battersea wanted to simplify and improve the online giving experience for its supporters with a more engaging donation journey, and offer greater choice using the latest payment technologies.

“It was also important to give the charity the flexibility of deploying campaign-specific journeys, which goDonate delivers. We’re thrilled with the test results, particularly at such an important time of year for the organisation.”

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