Oxfam digital fundraising head joins mobile donations start-up

Mobile donations firm Thinking of You has secured Oxfam’s head of digital fundraising Matt Jerwood to lead its day to day operations.

Joe Lepper | 17th Jan 19

Oxfam’s digital fundraising head has been recruited by a mobile donations start-up.

Matt Jerwood is to join mobile donations brand Thinking of You, which launched in beta form in November, after seven years at Oxfam, where he was Head of Digital Fundraising and Head of Engagement.

During his time at Oxfam he launched the My Oxfam app, which aims to increase transparency by offering donors more information about how their money is being used.

He joins Thinking of You as Operations Director covering areas such as product innovation, partnerships and marketing, and reports to the start up’s Founder Johnny Pitt.

“I was struck by Thinking of You’s unique position and potential to disrupt the fundraising marketplace,” said Jerwood.

“Its mobile-centric, sentiment-led offer can improve the experience of giving and receiving and can unlock an all-new area of sustainable charity support. I’m excited to be joining in the very earliest of days and delighted to be surrounded by such an excellent team.”

Creative agency hires senior Oxfam fundraiser

Meanwhile, former Oxfam Deputy Director of Fundraising Nick Pride has joined creative agency WPN Chameleon as Head of Fundraising Strategy for its charity clients. He has held roles at agencies before, including fundraising specialists DMS.

“At Oxfam, we pioneered new ways of working that allowed us to respond quickly and effectively to supporter needs,” said Pride.

“However, I felt a long way from the people we were helping, and also from the creative process and output that raises money.

“I missed that connection between strategy and delivery, the excitement of being part of the development of great work that I’d always enjoyed in agencies.”

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