Charity retail tool updated to boost Gift Aid claims

Retail management system firm Cybertill has updated its charity shop digital labeling tool to make it easier to collect Gift Aid.

Joe Lepper | 16th Jan 19

Cybertill has revamped its digital price labeling tool for charity shops so that they can more easily claim Gift Aid on donated items.

Through the new digital labeling system those donating with Gift Aid to charity shops can input their details on a tablet, which is then stored on the cloud to be integrated with digitally produced price labels.

This allows barcodes to be produced that contain each product’s price, category as well as donor ID.

Cybertill, which has developed the new system with technology firm Brother UK, says the move will ensure charities can reclaim tax on all eligible donations, as well as eradicate hand-written errors on labeling.

“Charity retail has changed beyond all recognition over the past decade,” said Elaine Scott, Cybertill Business Development Manager.

“Many charities, including Sense, Cancer Research UK and Barnardo’s, have adopted high street retail best practice in the way they design, merchandise and manage their shops, which has seen widespread investment in charity retail systems that combine a cloud-based POS system with Gift Aid software.

Helps capture 100% of Gift Aid entitlements

“This partnership with Brother means we can save time for shop attendants and volunteers, while improving customer and donor engagement, and ultimately helping charities capture up to 100% of the Gift Aid they are entitled to.”

As well as digital labelling, online selling is another area of innovation within the charity retail sector in recent years.

But while 55% of charity retailers have an online operation many are still missing out on this potentially lucrative form of selling, according to a  Charity Retail Association report published last November.