Woodcraft Folk launch social media call for volunteers

The youth organisation is using digital channels including Youtube and Twitter to encourage people to help run its 300 UK wide groups.

Joe Lepper | 15th Jan 19

Outdoor skills charity Woodcraft Folk has launched a digital promotional campaign to boost its volunteer numbers.

Activity for the Welcome to Woodcraft Folk campaign includes a promotional video available via Youtube, which has been produced in-house and involves young members explaining the importance of the organisation.

In addition the campaign involves raising awareness of its work via Twitter and other social media channels, using the tag #WelcomeToWoodcraftFolk to highlight the youth organisation’s central principles of inclusion and equality.

People from all communities urged to apply

Potential volunteers are being urged to sign up online via the organisation’s website.

“We want young people from all communities to be able to benefit from Woodcraft Folk,” said Pip Sayers, Chair of Trustees for the organisation.

“Our organisation was founded on the principle of inclusion, and we are looking for more volunteers in local communities to help us make that happen. Our current ‘Welcome to Woodcraft Folk’ campaign enables new volunteers to find out more about supporting our activities and stresses that everyone is welcome at Woodcraft Folk.”

The organisation has 300 groups across the UK and promotes education for social change through indoor and outdoor activities for babies through to 21 year-olds.

Work carried out by volunteers also includes organising residential and camping trips.

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