CDN readers get 15% discount on Charity Digital Tech Conference

Charity Digital News readers have the chance to claim a 15% discount on Charity Digital’s Charity Digital Tech Conference in February.

Chloe Green | 15th Jan 19
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Charity Digital News readers are being offered a 15% discount on Charity Digital’s much-anticipated digital tech conference for charities.

The Charity Digital Tech Conference taking place on the 13th February is aimed at charities of all sizes and competency levels, with sessions and workshops designed to help charities make a practical difference to their cause through digital.

The day brings together a diverse range of expert speakers from the charity, technology and public sectors, covering areas including digital fundraising, making the most of data, choosing the best IT tools and becoming a digitally-empowered charity leader.

Readers have up until Friday 8th February to claim their 15% discount using the code CDC15.

Charity Digital, the organisation behind Charity Digital News, has been supporting UK charities with donated software, email marketing and digital news and advice since 2001, and this its first full-day conference for charities.

Click here to go to registration page and use the code CDC15 in checkout to claim your exclusive 15% discount.

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