Online promotion takes place for first Paget’s Awareness Day

The Paget’s Association is leading online activity to promote the inaugural International Paget’s Awareness Day.

Joe Lepper | 11th Jan 19

A raft of online promotional activity is taking place today to mark the inaugural International Paget’s Awareness Day (11 January), which is being staged raise the profile of Paget’s disease of the bone.

The activity is being organised by the charity Paget’s Association and includes the launch of a Youtube film with details of the day’s activity and more information about the disease, which interferes with the body’s normal recycling process and can cause bones to become fragile and misshapen.

Paget’s enamel badges are also for sale at the charity’s online shop, which is selling blue and green clothing – the charity’s colours.

The public are being urged to post on social media using the hashtag #pagetsday and the charity is also staging a live webinar.

Photography competition also taking place

In addition, the public are being invited to take part in photography competition with the theme of blue and green.

The charity has also made a downloadable poster available online for people to print off and display in community centres and other public places.

Charity trustee Keith Simpson has personal experience of the disease and was supported by the charity to have surgery after the disease caused a traumatic fracture of his leg.

“Until I found relief, Paget’s caused me tremendous pain and suffering,” he said.

“It’s imperative that we help those who haven’t yet found the answers and treatment that they so desperately need.”