One in four consumers prefer giving via their mobile phone

Research by mobile payment app Pingit has found growing demand for mobile giving options.

Joe Lepper | 24th Dec 18
Image of person donating via mobile phone

Around a quarter of UK consumers prefer to make donations via their mobile devices than traditional methods, such as cash and standing orders, according to a survey.

The survey of more than 2,000 people for mobile payment app Pingit found that 28% prefer to give to good causes via their mobile devices.

A similar proportion (27%) said they would donate more if they could do so via their mobile device or payment card.

Growing demand for mobile fundraising

Around a third (32%) said they are now more likely to fundraise online than they were five years ago and 29% said they would rather fundraise  via their mobile.

However, three quarters of large charities are not offering apps capable of making or managing payments, according to research from December last year by Episerver. This research also found that consumers aged between 25-34 are the most likely to donate via a mobile device, with a quarter making a mobile donation at least once a week.

Pingit Managing Director Darren Foulds said: “Consumers today prefer to donate in a variety of ways, including through our phones. Whether they’re used to give contactlessly or to create a fundraising page, the little devices in our pockets could generate a huge uplift for charities across the UK.”

Pingit is a free app powered by Barclays. Its services include Pingit Giving, which enables users to raise money for good causes, create a fundraising page and collect donations.

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