Public backs charity donation Christmas gifts

Digital fundraising tool Charity Checkout’s latest survey gauges public opinion on friends, family and colleagues making a charity donation in their name as a Christmas gift.

Joe Lepper | 21st Dec 18
Image shows a person's oustretced hands giving a glittery bauble.

Almost two thirds of people would welcome a friend, family member or work colleague making a charity donation in their name as a Christmas gift, a survey has found.

The survey of 1,000 people by digital fundraising specialist Charity Checkout found that 63% would be happy for a friend to make charitable donation in their name as a gift. Only one in ten people said they would be unhappy with the idea.

A similar proportion (59%) would welcome a family member making such a donation in their name as a gift, with 16% against this approach.

Of those surveyed 62% would welcome a work colleague making such a donation, while only 11% would be unhappy about this.

Make a donation as a Secret Santa gift

“The results from this research are very encouraging, only a small proportion of the public hold reservations about receiving a charitable donation in their name as a Christmas gift,” said Jamie Newton, Charity Checkout Marketing Manager.

“With 89% responding in a neutral or positive manner to a colleague donating on their behalf we should all be encouraged to swap a Secret Santa present to a charitable donation.”

Charity Checkout carries out regular surveys of the public’s views on third sector issues. In July, its poll of 1,000 people found that around nine out of ten would prefer to donate via a charity’s own website rather than through a third-party fundraising platform.