£1.6m digital fund to tackle parental conflict

The government fund is looking for charities and other oranisations to use websites and apps in innovative ways to help parents who are experiencing conflict.

Joe Lepper | 20th Dec 18
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Charities are being invited to bid for £1.6m in government funding to test ways in which digital services can help tackle parental conflict.

The digital support for families funding is part of the Department for Work and Pension (DWP)’s Reducing Parental Conflict Programme, which is looking to resolve problems within families.

The funding is open to charities, as well as private businesses, digital experts, councils and other public sector organisations as well as social enterprises.

Digital work that the government is looking to fund includes online support that will help more parents identify conflict issues and find ways to address them together.

Learning more about what engages parents online to help reduce parental conflict is another priority of the funding.

Targeting disadvantaged parents

A particular focus is on improving the digital skills of parents in low income and workless households.

Initiatives that involve placing material about parental conflict on websites that disadvantaged families visit are also sought.

“Grant participants will be asked to develop support based on user need which targets digital support at those parents with low digital skills and who live in low income and workless households,” says a statement from consultancy Ecorys UK and charity  Family Lives, which are running the fund on behalf of the DWP.

Those bidding should also avoid duplicating other online provision, and funding will not cover the development of new apps or websites.

Applications open on 21 January and close on 15 February.

A total of £2.7m is on offer through the programme, with £1.1m allocated to focus on support for disadvantaged families, which could include helping local services link up better to help parents experiencing conflict.

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