International aid data project handed £1.2m

The project is led by Christian Aid and aims to improve data gathering in Nigeria, Myanmar and Zimbabwe to better target support.

Joe Lepper | 19th Dec 18
Credit- Christian Aid/Amy Sheppey

A Christian Aid led international aid project has received £1.2m in UK government funding to improve data gathering of marginalised people across three countries, Nigeria, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

The money has been awarded by the Department for International Development’s UK Aid Connect funding stream to the Christian Aid led Evidence and Collaboration for Inclusive Development project, which launched in August and involves nine organisations.

The funding will be used to improve access, gathering and presentation of data to better understand marginalised groups in the three countries. This includes understanding demand for support and how civil society organisations can most effectively meet their needs.

“We are delighted that the co-creation funding has been secured, since it will enable us to establish governance structure for a complex, consortium delivered project while trialling pilot approaches to better gathering, analysing and communicating data,” said Christian Aid’s Senior Portfolio Manager, Pete Crawford.

Data vital for targeting support

International Development Minister Lord Bates added: “UK aid is proud of its longstanding partnership with Christian Aid.

“Now through UK Aid Connect, Christian Aid will work with specialists, NGOs and the private sector, to gather better data to help civil society understand the needs of some of the world’s most marginalised people in Nigeria, Burma and Zimbabwe.”

Organisations involved in the Evidence and Collaboration for Inclusive Development project include FEMNET (African Women’s Development and Communications Network), Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Womankind.

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