Age UK online campaign tackles loneliness

The charity is campaigning across social media channels, including Youtube and Twitter, to raise awareness of loneliness among the elderly.

Joe Lepper | 17th Dec 18

Age UK is campaigning online to raise awareness of the sense of loneliness that many older people experience, particularly at Christmas.

The ‘no one should have no one to turn to’ campaign by the charity includes a Youtube video entitled We Are Here which is appealing for donations for the charity’s support services for older people.

Support on offer includes its Advice Line, which offers help on issues including loneliness as well as coping with bereavement, managing health issues and money problems.

Activity is also taking place across the charity’s social media channels, including a #AgeUKAdvent calendar push.

A dedicated No one should have no one to turn to fundraising page has also been set up on Age UK’s website.

Research reveals extent of loneliness among the elderly

In addition, the charity is this week promoting its analysis, which has found that 1.7 million older people in England can go an entire month without meeting up with a friend. More than 300,000 of those aged 65 and over have not even had a conversation with family or friends over the last month.

The study also found that for half a million older people Christmas is not a time to look forward to as it reminds them of those that have passed away. More than 230,000 older people will be on their own for at least one day over Christmas, from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day.

“There is far more awareness now of the problem of loneliness and as a result I think many families and friends make a real effort to be kind to older people, especially at this time of year,” said Caroline Abrahams, Age UK Charity Director.

“However, as our new research shows, sadly, some older people are still being left out in the cold and have no one at all to turn to for advice or support. So as well as doing your bit to be friendly to the older people you know please support us so we can be there for those who really are almost always on their own. No one should have to live like that in old age.”

Age UK Ambassador Joanna Lumley added: “We can see from this latest research that so many older people accept loneliness as part of life, so my plea is to take action for yourself or an older relative or friend who you think might be feeling isolated – call Age UK and find out what support might be available for you locally, or donate to Age UK and help them to support older people in need.”