Facebook publishes Workplace guide for charities

The guide covers aspects such as the importance of senior level buy-in and appointing ambassadors among staff to help the launch go smoothly.

Joe Lepper | 12th Dec 18
Image shows people shaking hands representing collaboration.

Facebook has launched an online training guide for charities detailing how they can launch its free cloud based platform Workplace.

The guide is aimed at charities of up to 250 staff to help them launch the platform, which includes features such as group chat and video calls.

Sections and issues covered include ensuring that a charity’s leadership is on board. Setting up workflows and group structure as well as launching a communication strategy, to involve employees in the launch, are also covered.

“Educating your co-workers on why Workplace is being launched and how it will be used is key for long-term adoption and buy-in at all levels,” states the guide.

“A clear plan with communications before, during and after launch will help you onboard your employees faster.”

Workplace ambassadors are key

Another aspect covered is appointing Facebook Workplace ambassadors to help make launching the platform easier and help build its community.

The guide states: “By activating your network of champions, you can focus on the strategic parts of the launch such as vision, messaging and gathering use cases.”

Evaluating the launch is also included in the Facebook Workplace guide.

The guide adds: “Workplace is proud to donate work tools to registered nonprofits and staff of educational institutions to help teams connect, collaborate and build meaningful communities around the world,” states the guide.

“Already today, thousands of nonprofits are using Workplace. Based on their feedback, we have compiled this guide to get you started with Workplace.”

Charities to already use Workplace include Plan International, War Child, Unicef and Comic Relief.

Click here to view the ‘Nonprofit Guide to Launching Workplace’