Action for Children issues secret santa video plea

Analysis by children’s charity Action for Children reveals that one million children aged 10 and younger will be without basics such as a winter coat and fresh food this Christmas.

Joe Lepper | 6th Dec 18
Screenshot from Action for Children's Christmas video campaign

Action for Children has launched a fundraising campaign, urging people to become a ‘secret santa’ to help vulnerable children this Christmas

The charity has launched a dedicated fundraising page on its website recommending donations of between £10 and £50 are made to help children affected by poverty this year. In addition, people can give £10 by texting CHILD to 70607.

To promote the campaign an animated video has been released on Youtube telling the story of three siblings who are set to go without basics such as Christmas dinner during the festive period.

Action for Children has also released analysis of government data on family income, which shows that one million children aged 10 and younger will be without basics this winter including a winter coat and fresh food.

Survey reveals extent of child poverty

The results of a survey by the charity have also been published, which show that half of parents are cutting back on Christmas essentials such as presents and a Christmas tree. A quarter are getting into debt, found the survey of 2,000 UK adults who celebrate Christmas or give gifts.

“Our youngest children should be waking up in a warm bed after a visit from Santa on Christmas morning, but the shocking truth is that in 2018 many will be cold and hungry in the fifth richest country of the world,” said Action for Children Chief Executive, Julie Bentley.

“No parent should be forced to face the appalling choice between ‘eating or heating’ at Christmas but this is the reality for far too many in the UK today. While the Government tells us austerity is at an end, every day at Action for Children, we see first-hand the impossible choices that families living in practically Dickensian levels of poverty have to make.

“We’re helping thousands of families keep their heads above water through budgeting, providing a meal or making sure they get help from foodbanks. That’s why we’re asking the public to become ‘Secret Santas’ for a vulnerable child – whether you can manage £10 or £50, it means we can support the most vulnerable children in our society, not just at Christmas but every day.”