Wallace and Gromit art trail boosts contactless donations

Bristol Children’s Hospital charity boosted donations during a recent Wallace and Gromit sculpture trail by offering the public the chance to make contactless payments.

Joe Lepper | 29th Nov 18
©Barbara Evripidou/FirstAvenuePhotography.com

Contactless donation points used during a Wallace and Gromit themed sculpture trail have raised more than £45,000 for a children’s hospital charity.

The fundraising event, called Gromit Unleashed 2, took place this summer in Bristol to raise money for the charity The Grand Appeal, which supports Bristol Children’s Hospital.

The trail involved sculptures across Bristol of Wallace and Gromit as well as Feathers McGraw, all characters created by Aardman Animations, which is based in the city.

During the trail contactless donation points were set up at 17 locations by payment firm NMI, which was also involved in creative fundraising activities on the trail, including a mass yoga session next to one of the sculptures it sponsored.

The use of contactless payments saw a 309% increase in donations compared to the charity’s 2015 arts trail, which took place in 2015 and used JustGiving’s text to donate service, which is due to cease in March next year.

Contactless reflects changing consumer behaviour

“This year contactless transactions overtook chip and PIN payments for the first time in the UK, so it made perfect sense to reflect this change in consumer behaviour when it came to Gromit Unleashed 2,” said Grand Appeal Director Nicola Masters.

“We were delighted to partner with NMI for this project, and as a result The Grand Appeal has received a huge amount of public donations throughout the trail, which just wouldn’t have been possible through more traditional donation methods.”

Ingrid Anusic, NME Senior Vice President of Marketing, added: “With people carrying less cash and contactless becoming the most popular form to pay globally, it was of paramount importance to NMI to provide a new revenue stream to charities enabled by the latest payment technology.

“Many of our staff have experienced the extraordinary care at Bristol Children’s Hospital when their little ones needed it, so they know only too well just how vital a role The Grand Appeal plays as the hospital’s charity.

“We are delighted to have been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of contactless payments while raising money for a wonderful cause close to our hearts.”

The Gromit Unleashed 2 trail took place between July and September, involving 67 giant sculptures across the city that have raised £1.3m at auction.

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