Risk management guide for small charities launches

The small charities guide by PolicyBee signposts help in areas such as GDPR, health and safety and fundraising.

Joe Lepper | 29th Nov 18
Image shows keyboard with 'GDPR' on the key. A new online guide aims to help small charities manage risk and better understand issues such as data protection.

An online guide has been created to help small charities manage risk and better understand issues such as data protection.

The Charity & Community Help Hub has been launched by third sector specialist online insurance broker PolicyBee and signposts useful information on issues including health and safety and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Managing staff and volunteers, fundraising, good governance as well as trustee and director issues are also covered.

According to a survey commissioned by PolicyBee, one in ten small charities either don’t have or are unsure whether they have risk management measures in place.

Less than a half (47%) are only partially confident they are able to identify and assess risks in their organisations.

Barriers to effective risk management

Barriers to effectively manage risk include lack of time, cited by 64% of respondents. Lack of funds (52%) and lack of expertise (39%), were other barriers mentioned.

In addition, the small charities survey found that six out of ten (62%) had not had risk and governance training.

“At a time when the charities sector as a whole is under increasing scrutiny, the lack of funding and resources among small charities is leading to shortfalls in risk management,” said PolicyBee Head of Marketing.

“This puts many in danger of sleepwalking into a governance and compliance crisis.”

She added: “The requirement for good governance applies equally to charities of all sizes but external advice can be difficult to access for small charities. Some don’t know where to go, or that advice is even available.

“And some don’t have the confidence to engage. While some organisations may be fortunate enough to have experienced trustees, many will not, leaving them poorly equipped to identify and deploy the measures required to protect both the individuals within an organisation and the organisation itself.”

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