Charity YouTube campaign gives children a voice

The series of videos by Right to Play focuses on the real life stories of children escaping oppression and war.

Joe Lepper | 23rd Nov 18
Still from the YouTube video 'Let Them Rise' by Right to Play

Global children’s charity Right to Play has launched an online fundraising push around the theme of giving disadvantaged children a voice.

The campaign called Let Them Rise features a series of emotive videos on Youtube to generate awareness and funds for the charity’s international programmes.

The videos feature young people who have been helped by the charity to overcome oppression, violence and war to improve their lives.

The video Games Over Guns is based around the story of young people like Malual, from South Sudan. His childhood was torn apart by civil war and aged seven he fled the country under threat of being forced to become a child soldier. After being helped by Right to Play he is now studying to be a lawyer.

Another video, called We Rise, features 12-year-old Marie from Mali, who wrote a poem about the plight of girls forced to become child brides.

Empowerment through play-based learning

The campaign’s aim “is to help protect and give beleaguered children a voice, and generate awareness and funds for international programmes that provide hope, education and empowerment through play-based learning,” says a statement from Right to Play.

The campaign also features the promotion of hard hitting statistics. Globally there are 150m children engaged in child labour and 11 million are refugees.

Evaluation from the charity’s work has found that in Pakistan students it teaches scored 10% higher in tests than those not supported by Right to Play.

In Mali, 85% of children it supported reported an increased sense of safety and security, compared to 57% before they were helped.