War veterans charity to benefit from classical music download

A classical music single raising money to support war veterans is now available for download.

Joe Lepper | 8th Nov 18

This week a download classical music single has been made available to help raise money for a charity campaign that supports ex-service personnel and war veterans.

The piece of music has been composed by Benjamin Hollway and will raise money for There But Not There, the 2018 Armistice project for the charity Remembered.

The track has recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and produced by Ben Uttley of Stamp Productions, which produced 2017’s British and Irish Lions: Uncovered documentary that also features music from Hollway. Both Uttley and Hollway have family and friends who have served in the forces.

The inspiration for recording the track for the war veterans charity is visits made by British and Irish Lions players to war memorials in Australia and New Zealand.

Available on iTunes and Amazon

The track can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon, with more information available via a specially set up website.

Remembered Director of Operations Rowley Gregg said: “From the paintings of Paul Nash to the poems of Siegfried Sassoon, the Great War has always had an unbreakable connection with the arts.

“We are delighted that Ben and Benjamin are continuing with that tradition, and that the money raised will provide vital funds to the campaign.”

Uttley added: “Music is one of the best ways to evoke emotion. We are in the unique position of having created and therefore owning a music track which has been crafted with the sole purpose of generating the feel of a moment of reflection for loved ones, and of countrymen, and women lost.”

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