EU event helps more than 50,000 young people to code

Evaluation from the Meet and Code initiative shows widespread interest in coding across Europe among young people.

Joe Lepper | 2nd Nov 18
Meet and Code

More than 50,000 young people have taken part in a Europe-wide initiative getting young people into coding.

This year’s Meet and Code initiative involved 1,100 events in 513 cities and towns across 22 countries and saw 52,000 young people take part, evaluation has shown.

The number of events, locations and participants rose by around 80% compared to last year, according to a statement from one of the organisers TechSoup Europe. Also involved in organising the event are SAP, Haus des Stiftends and its IT portal Stifter-helfen.

As TechSoup’s Europe partner, Charity Digital took part by giving out grants to help stage 25 Meet and Code events across the UK.

Coding for the first time

More than half (57%) of the young people who took part in the coding event were coming into contact with programming for the first time and 86% said they want to learn more about coding and digital topics after taking part.

“It was a fantastic event.We should have more of them at school,” said one participant from Bulgaria.

“It was impressive and practical at the same time. Now I know how a 3D scanner works,” said one Czech Republic participant, with one of the Austrian young people involved saying: “I’ll continue at home.”

The events took place during EU Code Week (6-21 October) to improve programming and digital literacy. A focus of the week of the annual event is to promote small charity and grassroots digital literacy initiatives in both urban and rural areas.

One in four events took place in towns with less than 10,000 residents and around a fifth in cities of less than 50,000 inhabitants.