Charities urged to celebrate volunteers and donors

Voluntary sector bodies come together to create the first #YouMadeItHappen, to highlight the difference donations and volunteers make to charities’ work.

Joe Lepper | 29th Oct 18
Hearts to signify the charity / non-profit sector

Charities are being called on to take part in a social media campaign next month to pay tribute to their donors and volunteers.

The campaign is being launched by a raft of voluntary sector organisations and is urging charities to use #YouMadeItHappen across social media for a day of activity on 19 November.

On the day charities are being called on to spend the day using social media to highlight the difference volunteers and donations make to their work.

Involved in launching the campaign are the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), charity communications membership organisation CharityComms, the Small Charities Coalition, the Foundation for Social Improvement, the Institute of Fundraising and the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO).

Activity could include a homelessness charity highlighting how many people have been found housing through donor and volunteer support, says a statement from the organising group.

“We know that thousands of charities around the country make a real difference every day. And we know that between us the impact we have on the country and the world is massive,” adds the statement.

“We want to remind people of everything that’s great about charities, and show them we’re very grateful for their support.

“To do this, we’re asking charities to use the hashtag #YouMadeItHappen on social media on Monday 19 November.

“It’s an opportunity to thank your own supporters – and after a time when some charities have had media attention for negative reasons – for all of us to show the difference we make together.”

#YouMadeItHappen could become an annual event

The campaign has been timed a week before Giving Tuesday and could become an annual event. No specific branding has been created with the organising group wanting each charity to use the day to maximise promoting their work.

The statement adds: “We want supporters themselves to see charities thanking them, and we want everyone to see that charities think it’s important to thank their supporters.

“We also want people to notice the hashtag and see the amazing range of work charities do. We hope it will also be a helpful exercise for charities to think about the best way to talk about the difference they make in a simple and accessible way.”