NSPCC extends online learning to volunteers

The children’s charity is looking to help its volunteers improve their skills by offering them a set of online training packages that are already available to staff.

Joe Lepper | 26th Oct 18
Image shows person working remotely on a laptop

NSPCC has extended its cloud based online learning programme to make it available to its volunteers.

The children’s charity already uses Cornerstone OnDemand’s training tools for its employees. But this week it has announced it is to extend that partnership to support the online learning and training of its volunteers.

The move has been made to take into account remote working and to help volunteers access training and development resources on the move.

Work carried out by the charity’s network of volunteers includes visiting schools to teach young people how to be safe, and manning its Childline support helpline.

Tools being made available to both staff and volunteers are Cornerstone Learning Suite, Cornerstone Performance Suite and Cornerstone Extended Enterprise. This makes available training videos, modules and content and the use of a learning portal to offer tailor made access to courses.

Helps volunteers build skills

The online learning tools will also help the NSPCC develop its potential workforce of the future by supporting volunteers to build their skills and be more engaged with the charity.

“The NSPCC has a responsibility to provide the best services possible to ensure that children in the UK are protected, so it’s vital that we have qualified people for this,” said Liane Smith, the NSPCC’s Head of Volunteer and Employee Engagement and Development.

“Our priority is to offer comprehensive learning and development opportunities to our workforce of volunteers and employees, so we can effectively give back to young people. Using Cornerstone, we are able to offer a flexible learning and development solution that is also scalable for our growing workforce.”

Vincent Belliveau, Executive Vice President and General Manager EMEA of Cornerstone OnDemand, added: “To prevent cruelty to children the NSPCC knows it needs the full power and strength of its employees and volunteers.

“The NSPCC is keeping on top of immediate and short-term development needs of its workforce, whilst building long-term relationships. This is the perfect example of an organisation valuing all the individuals in its workforce by supporting their career growth.”