Free toolkit to help boost charities’ end-of-year fundraising

New guide from Blackbaud helps charities maximise donations at their most critical time of year.

Chloe Green | 23rd Oct 18
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With the Christmas campaign period fast approaching, non-profit software provider Blackbaud has released its new ‘End of Year Fundraising Toolkit’ designed to ensure organisations are best positioned to make the most of their end-of-year fundraising.

Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report shows that, with 17.4% of overall giving happening in December, the end-of-year period is critical to a charity’s fundraising success.

Their comprehensive guide outlines the steps charities should start taking now to get ahead in their end-of-year campaigns, bringing together detailed insight, tips and strategies with expert input from Blackbaud, global charities and organisations such as Nonprofit Tech for Good and Fundraising Authority.

There are also a number of real-life charity success examples, along with links to other resources and worksheets for charities to add to their fundraising arsenal.

Leaving nothing to chance

The step-by-step toolkit includes why and how to get your charity’s database ready for analytics several months in advance of campaigns, with a checklist of best practice techniques around segmentation and testing.

As the report advises: “Don’t leave your results up to chance; your database includes all the tools you need to test in advance and find proven strategies that can help you meet or exceed your fundraising goals.”

Blackbaud recommends sharing the toolkit with leadership to fire up board members about end-of-year fundraising to create a sense of excitement and urgency across the organisation.

It also details how you can map out your engagement strategies, craft smart appeals that engage your donors, and determine your messaging, along with a checklist of how to get your multi-channel fundraising right, and cultivate relationships with both new and existing donors.

Download Blackbaud’s ‘End of Year Fundraising Toolkit’ here