Unicef UK revamps CRM database

The children’s charity will use the new system to improve its relationship with supporters to help them feel valued, understood and informed.

Joe Lepper | 17th Oct 18
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Unicef UK has overhauled its customer relationship management (CRM ) database to create a cloud based system that can manage all its fundraising and campaigning information.

The move sees the children’s charity replace its traditional CRM database with a bespoke system, which aims to give an organisation-wide view of its supporters and their preferences.

The new system has been created by CRM specialist Giveclarity, which is a partner for CRM product Salesforce.com.

Improvements for Unicef UK include integrating multiple systems, to combine all sets of data in one place, and to streamline its fundraising and donor engagement information.

The new system also includes integration for online and offline activity and aims to create a more targeted, profitable strategy for fundraising.

Changes will help transform supporters’ experience

“This is a major project for Unicef UK that will transform our supporters’ experience,” said Mark Devlin, Unicef UK’s Chief Operating Officer.

“A fuller view of every interaction will provide a deeper appreciation of what most interests our supporters about Unicef’s work and importantly how they prefer to receive communication from us.

This will help us to communicate more effectively and relevantly with them.

“As our committed supporter base continues to grow, this directly enables Unicef to increase the impact of our protection, education, hygiene, nutrition and vaccination programmes for the world’s most vulnerable children.

“Therefore, it is vital we ensure that all our supporters feel valued, understood and informed about the work they are enabling. Giveclarity’s experience in the sector and their Salesforce expertise made them the right partner in our development process.”

The new system uses Salesforce Non Profit Cloud for CRM, Salesforce Service Cloud for Supporter Care, Salesforce Marketing Cloud for mass email, Clarity Gift Aid for Gift Aid collections, Clarity Banking for direct debits, Jitterbit and Clarity Data Transform for importing third party files.

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