Charities urged to support Gift Aid social media campaign

Around £560m in Gift Aid is unclaimed due to poor awareness among the public.

Joe Lepper | 4th Oct 18

Charities are being urged to take to social media today (October 4) to raise awareness of the importance of Gift Aid to the voluntary sector.

The Gift Aid Awareness Day campaign is being coordinated by the Charity Finance Group (CFG), which is asking charities to use #tickthebox on social media to encourage their supporters and followers to tick the Gift Aid box when donating.

A HM Revenue and Customs report released in 2016 found that 30% of charity donors have a “fairly poor” understanding of Gift Aid and 11% have a “poor” understanding of this method of ensuring charities can receive more money.

This report also revealed that charities are missing out on around £560m in unclaimed Gift Aid.

Charities already involved

Already a raft of charities have joined the day of campaigning, by sharing CFG Gift Aid posts and using #tickthebox as well as #GiftAidAwarenessDay on social media.

St Leonard’s Hospice in York tweeted to its followers:


Another to take part is Devon Air Ambulance, which tweeted:


Speaking at the launch of the campaign earlier this year CFG Chief Executive Caron Bradshaw said: “Gift Aid is vital to the charity sector and supports the work of tens of thousands of organisations. Without it, our sector would reach fewer people and deliver less impact.

“CFG wants to give practical support to charities so that we can boost the amount of Gift Aid claimed. At a time when charities are struggling to meet demand, every penny counts.”

A toolkit to help charities take part is available here.