Free resource helps charity leaders to embrace digital

A new 10-part email course asks charity leaders to consider how digital technology can improve their organisation, communications and fundraising.

Joe Lepper | 28th Sep 18

A free course has been launched to encourage charity chief executives and trustees to embrace digital technology.

The ‘Why do digital? email course has been created by digital marketing agency Platypus Digital and focuses on why charity leaders need to ensure their communications, fundraising and organisation focuses on digital.

The agency says that much of the current conversation around digital technology in charities centres around what they should do and how to get started, rather than addressing a lack of commitment at a senior level.

Course designed around daily commute

The ‘Why do digital? course is designed for charity leaders to read on their daily commute through ten emails in total, one a day. Each should take around two minutes to read, according to Platypus Digital.

“We looked around the current messages about adoption of digital in charities, and realised the question ‘Why should we do digital?’ simply wasn’t being answered – everything covered what to do and how to do it,” said Platypus Digital Managing Director Matt Collins.

“So we wanted to take the debate back a step, and try to answer that absolutely fundamental question.

“We strongly believe that lack of funding is the big problem. And a sector that fully understands why it should do digital will soon find that to be less of a problem.”

Charity leaders can sign up for the course via the Why do Digital website.

Issues covered include why following trends is important, the importance of digital fundraising, ensuring communications focus on digital first and the importance of creating a digital culture within an organisation.