Hard-hitting social push highlights motor neurone disease

The campaign aims to boost donations to help those with the disease as well as their families.

Joe Lepper | 27th Sep 18

The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) has launched a hard-hitting social media campaign to raise awareness about the devastating effect the disease has on people’s lives.

The centerpiece of the #TakeOverMND campaign is a film called The Ride which shows how the disease swiftly changes the life of one man called Luke.

By using rollercoaster imagery it shows how within two years those with the condition can be left unable to walk, move or speak.

The film is being rolled out across Facebook and Youtube as well as through MNDA’s website, which includes information about how to donate.

This outlines how £20 can help fund a Young Carers grant for children whose parents have the disease, while £50 can help fund an MND Support Grant, which helps those with the disease have more independence.

“Motor neurone disease devastates lives, robbing those living with it of their ability to walk, move, communicate and ultimately to breathe. It pulls no punches,” said Chris James, MNDA Director of External Affairs.

“That’s what we believe The Ride does by putting the viewer in the position of someone who is living with motor neurone disease. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the disease – any one of us could develop it at any stage of our adult lives.”

Motor neurone disease is like a nuclear bomb

Dave Setters, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in September 2012, has been involved in developing the campaign.

He added: “Motor neurone disease is like a nuclear bomb hitting the family – and the progression of the disease can be so quick that you realise you’ve spent so much time dealing with changes as they’ve happened that you have forgotten to live the best quality of life you can.”

“The Ride uses a dramatic format to capture that – the deterioration in Luke’s condition is swift, out of control and affects him and everyone around him.”