Charity donations via text set to rise

Phone-paid Services Authority analysis shows that charity donations via text will rise by 34% over the next year.

Joe Lepper | 27th Sep 18
Image shows two women looking at their mobile phones.

Charity text donations are set to be the biggest growing phone paid service over the next year, according to new research.

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA)’s review of 2017/18 and forecast for 2018/19 found that charity donations via text are expected to experience year on year growth of 34%.

While in 2017/18 total charity donations made by text totaled £37.5m this figure is expected to increase to £50.1m by the end of the 2018/19 financial year.

A number of telethons scheduled for next year is predicted to be behind the growth, according to the review, which was carried out by data firm Mobilesquared.

Telethons scheduled for next year include the biennial Comic Relief fundraiser, which was last staged in 2017.

“The majority of text donations are in response to telethons. Therefore, the number of telethons operating in a particular year, will have a big impact on total revenues,” states the review.

The review adds that there is also set to be an increase in the percentage of people donating on a subscription basis via premium rate SMS (PSMS).

Charity donations are among the most trusted phone payment services, according to the review. The book industry is the most trusted, followed by charity donations, music and gift cards.

Previous charity text donations overestimated

The review also reveals that previous estimates of the size of charity donations via text may have been overestimated.

It had been initially thought that charity donations during 2016/17 were £115m, however they have been revised down to £38.6m.

“Games on social media has been revised downwards. The other service is charity donations, which has been significantly reduced based on complete visibility of pass-throughs provided by the mobile network operators,” states the review.