Charity-run online TV show scoops award

More than 300,000 people were reached by the five weekly shows created by digital inclusion charity #techmums.

Joe Lepper | 17th Sep 18
Image shows cast of online TV show #techmumstv

A charity’s online live TV show to encourage mums to improve their tech skills has been handed a digital industry award.

The show, called #techmumstv and created by the #techmums charity in partnership with Facebook and Nominet Trust, has won the Inclusion and Diversity Advance award at this year’s British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) awards.

Through five weekly ‘sofa show’ style episodes it covered topics such as online safety, finding a job online and managing online finances, and reached more than 300,000 people.

Tech holds power to transform lives

The charity was formed by computer scientist Dr Sue Black in 2012 to help mums improve their lives through technology.

“Mums are one of the most invisible and overlooked groups in society,” said Dr Black.

“They are often isolated, financially disadvantaged and likely to face discrimination and harassment, particularly in the workplace. Technology holds the power to offer a better life for mums and their families, through greater education, confidence and connections.”

“Winning BIMA’s Inclusion & Diversity Advance Award is a fantastic recognition of our belief in the need to support this hugely important group in accessing and upskilling in technology.”

Training offered by #techmums includes skills such as understanding basic social media to python coding. It recently launched an online tech taster course offering a 45 minute introductory sessions to topics like social media use and understanding the cloud.

Also honoured at this year’s BIMA awards is Cancer Research UK, which won the Product and Service Design, Conscience Award for its technology products.

An app developed by software company Mashbo and mental health charity Chasing the Stigma has also won an award, in the Website and Apps with Conscience category.

The Hub of Hope app was launched in 2017 and has helped 19,000 people looking for support for mental health issues.


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