YMCA announces digital overhaul of board meetings

Central YMCA uses online meeting portal to improve governance, transparency and information sharing among senior managers and trustees.

Joe Lepper | 12th Sep 18
online meeting

The world’s first YMCA charity has overhauled the way it runs trustee and senior management meetings as part of a digital transformation of its organisation.

London based health, fitness and wellbeing charity Central YMCA , which was founded in 1844, has began using online meeting portal BoardPacks to help improve efficiency across the charity.

The charity says the move is helping bolster its governance, increase transparency, improve senior level information sharing and reduce the overall volumes of paper used.

BoardPacks is now used by around 30 members of the charity’s organisation including the entire senior management team, who can also access it via mobile.

“We were looking at digital transformation and how we could be more efficient by using new systems and software,” said Naomi da Silva, Group Project and Governance Manager at Central YMCA.

“It wasn’t just cost savings by any means, but also efficiencies such as having a shared space where everyone could securely access the relevant board meeting materials, and how we could make everything more transparent.”

Data protection benefits

She added: “Data protection and information security have been fundamental drivers for us.

“At board level the most confidential and private matters – finance, compliance, etc – are discussed. BoardPacks means we can just direct people to the meetings via the app or the website instead of having to email anything confidential.

“This avoids all the security issues that can come with email, especially if a trustee is using an external email account, which are more vulnerable to breaches and being hacked.”