RNIB videos challenge perceptions of blindness

The sight-loss charity takes to Youtube to promote a new strategy to encourage the public to see the person, not the sight loss.

Joe Lepper | 11th Sep 18

RNIB has launched an online video campaign to promote a rebrand and new strategy of challenging the public’s perception of blindness and sight loss.

The rebrand uses the strapline “see differently” and uses online videos and posters to encourage the public to see the person, not the sight loss.

One video focuses on a character called Dan who has partial vision and is seen hesitating on the escalators, but not because of his sight loss.

Another of the RNIB videos features a character called Sarah, who cuts her finger while preparing a meal in the kitchen for an entirely different reason than her central vision being obscured.

See the person, not the sight loss

In addition the RNIB image has been redesigned to offer a “fresh, simple, modern logo”, according to the charity’s Interim Chief Executive Eliot Lyne.

Lyne said: “At RNIB we want to create a new world where there are no barriers for people with sight loss. A world where people are valued for the life they lead and not judged by their disabilities.

“Through our new strategy, we will equip people to thrive. We’ll connect communities and influence decision makers so that together, we can make the world a fair place.

“An important step in all of this is making sure people understand sight loss and what it means. That’s why we’re encouraging people to see the person, not the sight loss, in our new films and posters.

“150 years ago, Sir Thomas Armitage had a vision to provide accessible literature to blind people. Today our vision is bigger and bolder and we still have a lot to do, but I think our founder would be proud of the organisation we’ve become.”