First charity powered search engine launches

More than 200 charities have come together to launch the Human search engine to showcase the importance of leaving a legacy donation.

Joe Lepper | 10th Sep 18

The world’s first charity powered search engine launches today as part of a campaign to promote legacy giving.

The Human search engine has been launched to promote Remember A Charity Week (10-16 September), which encourages people to include charity donations in their will.

It involves video response answers from charities to more than 150 questions such as “how can we cure the deadliest common cancers?” and “How can we help every animal find a home”.

The search engine, which will continue beyond the week itself, also gives charities an opportunity to explain the difference their work is making to people’s lives as well as the importance of legacy giving.

Those charities involved have been provided with tailored web pages and social media materials to help promote Remember A Charity week and the Human search engine.

Unique chance to promote legacy giving

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, said: “Remember A Charity Week is a unique opportunity to celebrate the importance of charitable bequests and to inspire the public to think about what a difference they could make if they wrote a charity into their will. What’s more, it can be a great springboard for charities to raise the topic and start their own legacy conversations with supporters.”

“This campaign really puts charities at the heart of resolving people’s greatest cares and concerns and communicates how important legacies are in generating the funding needed to address these issues.”

He added: “Gifts in wills now generate over £2.8 billion for good causes annually, funding vital services across the country. And yet, with only around 6% of people currently include a charity in their will, there is huge potential for further growth and to normalise legacy giving.”

“Having first trialed Remember A Charity Week in 2009, the campaign has expanded each year, reflecting the sector’s growing appetite for legacy fundraising.”

Remember a Charity is a partnership of 200 charities including Arthritis Research UK, Save the Children and Unicef UK.

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