6 key new trends for charities on digital

A new report into global trends has been released by Salesforce.org, showcasing some of the challenges facing charities. We’ve highlighted the key analyses.

Chloe Green | 8th Sep 18
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Salesforce.org, the social enterprise born from the CRM software giant, Salesforce, has released a large-scale report into the global non-profit sector.

The Nonprofit Trends Report surveyed 461 decision-makers at charitable organisations in the UK, US, Canada and Australia/New Zealand, examining the ways charities resource and manage technology for programme delivery, engagement and impact measurement.

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We pulled out some of the most important trends and statistics for charities to be aware of:

1. 64% of non-profits have seen increased demand for transparency of funds over the past year.

Whether it’s budget allocation, programme results, impact measurement or engagement metrics, charities are facing increased pressure to be more transparent about how their funding is gained and used.

2. 42% say more programme and service visibility is one of their top 3 priorities.

Charities are not just under pressure to be more transparent about their funding – those in the survey cite ‘giving constituents greater visibility into services and programmes’ as their top priority overall for service delivery.

3. A third (33%) of charities say that gaining a full view of their programmes, data and finances is in their top 3 priorities.

Transparency starts from within. Survey respondents say that gaining a full view of their organisation themselves – including donor management, marketing, volunteer management, and finance data – is their fourth highest priority overall, with a third of charities putting this in their top three.

4. 53% of non-profits are easily collecting programme data… but less than half know how to analyse it.

More than half (53%) of non-profits find it easy to collect programme data. But putting that data into action is less than straightforward – fewer than half (47%) say it’s easy to analyse it.

5. 73% of non-profits grapple with tracking the impact of their efforts.

The lack of ability to properly make sense of the data charities collect is leading to a whole range of struggles when it comes to tracking and quantifying things like impact and performance.

When asked about the challenges that non-profit organisations face, as many as 73% say they struggle with the ability to track the impact a specific programme or service is having on its recipients.

6. Only 27% of non-profit leaders say improving their data management is a top priority.

Despite the increased demand for transparency into funding and visibility into services and barriers with analysing data and tracking impact, only 27% of non-profit organisations prioritise improving their data management.


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