Grenfell online fundraising success offers inspiration

Centre for London report says good causes across the capital can benefit from the successful online fundraising tactics used to support victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Joe Lepper | 4th Sep 18
Image of Grenfell Tower following the fire.

An online funding portal that successfully helped victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy should become a permanent feature in London to support a number of different causes, a think tank has recommended.

In a report on giving in the capital, Centre for London has praised the use of a single online funding portal to organise and distribute £2.3m to community groups and charities in the aftermath of June 2017’s Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, in which 72 people lost their lives.

It is calling on fundraisers across London to build on this success to create a permanent London wide online funders portal, which would allow charities to access multiple funding streams with a single application.

The think tank wants to see London Funders, the membership network for civil society funders and investors, take the lead in setting up the portal.

Grenfell catalysed funding innovation

“While the Grenfell tragedy posed huge challenges for London funders, it also catalysed innovation,” states the think tank’s report.

“London’s voluntary sector led in bringing together funders to create a single online funding portal for charities working with Grenfell victims. London could build on this with, for example, a group of funders interested in addressing a particular social problem coming together to invite applications from relevant delivery organisations.

“London Funders should lead in adapting the Funders Portal – which allows voluntary sector organisations to access multiple funding streams with a single application – into a systemic London resource”

Centre for London’s report details how the Grenfell Tower fundraising portal allowed different public and private funders to provide match funding. Funds led by John Lyon’s Charity received matched funding from Big Lottery Fund, the Tudor Trust, City Bridge Trust, and the Department for Education, among others.

The portal also provided a forum for grant managers to make collective decisions and better coordinate giving.

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