YouTube pilots suite of fundraising tools

The video and streaming service aims to make it easier for non-profit organisations to raise money.

Joe Lepper | 3rd Sep 18
Youtube Fundraising

YouTube is trialing a raft of fundraising tools to help charities boost their profile and donations via the streaming and video service.

Called YouTube Giving, the suite of four new tools are being piloted in the US for non- profit making organisations.

The tools include Fundraisers (beta) where charities can create and embed a fundraising campaign next to their videos and streams, including a “donate” button to make it easier for people to give.

Another is Community Fundraisers (beta), which allows multiple creators to co-host the same fundraiser on their videos.

Also being planned is the launch of Campaign Matching (beta), which allows YouTube creators who organise fundraising activity to receive matching pledges.

Meanwhile, Super Chat for Good will build on last year’s launch of Super Chat, the service that enables viewers to pay to pin a comment on live streams. All purchases through Super Chat for Good will automatically be routed to a non-profit organisation of the creator’s choice.

Feedback to be gathered ahead of roll-out

In a recent blog post YouTube stated that, following positive feedback, there is now plans to roll out the new fundraising tools to other creators.

“Our inspiration for building YouTube Giving tools has been you – the way you use your voices to create impact on important issues, whether helping out in a crisis or championing a cause,” states Erin Turner, product manager for Youtube Giving.

“Over the coming months, we’ll listen to your feedback on these beta features and continue to expand access to more creators.”

Turner adds: “From live streams to community campaigns, it’s humbling to see how creators around the world use YouTube as a platform to bring together communities and champion the causes they care about.”