Call issued for charity-retail online campaigns

Anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label among charities that have raised their profile and boosted donations through a joint online campaign with a retailer.

Joe Lepper | 30th Aug 18
Image shows woman with shopping bags on street. The call has been made by retail software firm Cybertill is encouraging link-ups between charities and high street retailers.

Charities are being urged to link up with high street retailers to run online campaigns to help them reach new donors and supporters.

The call has been made by retail software firm Cybertill in a report looking at the shopping habits of parents.

Among successful online campaigns detailed in its report, is an online campaign between clothing brand River Island and anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label.

Using the hashtag #LabelsAreForClothes across social media, the link up helped promote awareness about the charity’s work to tackle bullying and also coincided with River Island launching a stand along kidswear store this year.

In addition, #LabelsAreForClothes branded t-shirts have been produced, with £3 from each sale going directly to Ditch the Label.

Across Twitter and Instagram the online campaign achieved a sentiment score, which is used to assess the positivity of online feedback, of 97%.

Retail and charity partnerships help reach new donors

Rob Finley, Cybertill’s Head of Charity said: “The work that Ditch the Label and River Island have done has really opened doors to more charities working alongside high street retailers that align to the charities values, even if it is to create more of a buzz around the charity, it all adds up, and if the charity are gaining increased donations then that can only be a positive.”

“High street retailers often have a nominated charity that they donate to throughout each year, Marks and Spencer, for example, encourage their customers to donate their pre-loved clothes to Oxfam, printing this message on their clothes labels.”

“It’s something that charities should start to look at strategically if they want to reach new donors and supporters.”