Charity debuts on new Instagram video platform

Movember Foundation’s new long-form IGTV content documents real-life men’s cancer issues via social media platform that offers audience of 1bn.

Chloe Green | 16th Aug 18
A promotional image for the Movember Foundation's new IGTV awareness-raising campaign shows a smiling man covering his naked body with a stringed instrument. Ron Telpner (pictured) is a Canadian prostate cancer survivor. His story will be featured on Saturday, August 4th on IGTV. (CNW Group/Movember Canada)

A Canadian charity dedicated to ‘changing the face’ of men’s health globally, has premiered its first-ever awareness-raising documentary series exclusively on Instagram’s newly launched IGTV. The Movember Foundation’s series follows the real-life challenges of men living with prostate and testicular cancer.

Instagram has rolled out its IGTV platform over the last month, which gives the channel’s claimed community of one billion users with the opportunity to watch long-form videos (up to one hour in length), all from within the Instagram app.

The Movember Foundation is the first charity to launch an exclusive docu-series through Instagram, it said, with a new video debuting daily on the channel for five days, starting August 3rd.

“With Instagram’s launch of IGTV to share longer-form content, it is the ideal platform [for charities to tell more emotional, engaging stories,” said Jon Akerman, Global Digital Director at the Movember Foundation. “We created this series to share the experiences of men that deals with the challenges of prostate and testicular cancer everyday, and to share the importance of quality of life with both the Movember community, as well as the larger Instagram network.”

Ackerman added: “There is so much content published daily, it can be challenging to sift through to find the topics that are meaningful, informative, and impactful. That’s why the Movember Foundation has chosen IGTV to share some of the hard-hitting factors affecting men, using it as a platform where men can go to get reliable, important information on their health.”

Some 5.6 million men globally are facing life with a prostate cancer diagnosis, according to theMovember Foundation, and more than 330,000 men are living with, or beyond, testicular cancer.

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